Corvette ZR1 - Clarkson's car of the year

Emotion and raw charisma can forgive shortcomings, just ask Jeremy Clarkson. He described the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 as "not built very well", in the same Sunday column that he declared his car of the year.

Those lucky enough to live in Britain have already seen Clarkson discover what fun can be had with the ZR1 on Nevada’s roads. Ferrari performance, $106,500 price and everyday usability, keeps it in the running for our car of the year.

Source: TimesOnline


which is which , they have gave a lot of name when talking about the car of the year.

Of course, in a Ferrari you always have a chance to get laid. Sex in a ZR1s unsupportive seats with cheap cloth like leather (if it is leather), can’t imagine any chick agreeing to that.

I like this car better in black though.

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