Crashing a McLaren F1 should be a sin

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We love talking about cars. It’s not only our job, but our passion as well. Unfortunately, every once in awhile - actually much more often than we feel we should - we have to discuss certain incidences that cause us to file the vehicle under "car obituaries". Usually it’s a Ferrari , maybe a new Lamborghini , but when it’s a super-rare McLaren F1, its hard to even look at the picture, let alone write about it.

According to the police reports, the saidMcLaren F1 was sailing at high speeds down the tarmac of the German Autobahn when it swerved to avoid hitting a car. In doing so, the F1 successfully struck two other cars. Now we don’t know if it’s just us, but based on the damage to the car, either the F1 is a tank or the car was not going warp speed. Nevertheless, the estimated repair costs come in at a cool 80,000 pounds, which translates to a $130,000 hole in your pocket. That’s enough to cover an intact Ferrari 360 , maybe even a couple BMWs .

Of course, to own a McLaren F1 basically means that your bank account isn’t scarce by any means and repairing the supercar probably won’t translate into a monetary dilemma for the owner, but that doesn’t change the fact that this incident is simply tear-producing news.


Not a big deal? It crashed! This is such a sad news seeing car accidents (all types of cars I mean). The owner of this car is now having a headache on how it can be restore easily. A huge amount of money is needed, unless it was covered by his insurance.

Yeah, I guess so, but even if its not the F1 everyone should be careful in driving.

Not a big deal at all. It usually happen during racing.

No way! They did that on an F1? These drivers should be condemned.

Well. That certainly sounds bad. If those new allegations are true, they probably deserve banning.

Even assuming McLaren’s guilt, these questions remain. And everyone can howl all they want about cheating and fairness and McLaren deserves whatever they get. At the end of the day big, big, money funds this sport and big money will decide whether or not it wants to fund a one make series for Ferrari or move on to something else.

Alonso being favored instead of Hamilton? You must be joking. The one to ban is Hamilton because he’s the one that didn’t cooperate with the investigation.

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