Customized Ferrari 575M is pure ecstasy

The Ferrari 575M went out of production in 2006 after only four years of service, so buying a new model to replace the older one isn’t really an option for any Ferrari fan. Thankfully, a 575M owner has shown us that just because the car isn’t new, doesn’t mean that it can’t sparkle and shine like it just came off of the lot.

The modifications aren’t extensive by any means, but what this Ferrari owner did to renew his ride is cover the exterior of the vehicle in an exquisite white paint, and then add a new set of wheels in a multi-spoke design and painted in black to contrast the body of the car. Take a step back from the 575M and it becomes clear that the front and rear bumper have both been lowered, with a new set of side skirts added to complete the look.

If anyone thought the Ferrari 575M didn’t look good before, then this owner could definitely serve up his ride to prove they are wrong.

Photo Credit: Mike Boldt

Source: L4P


Is it just me or the front of this car is similar to Toyota Supra? The red line in the wheel of the car doesn’t fit to the pure white paint job of this car though I was impressed with the other modified version on its details.

Isn’t this an aftermarket version? I wonder who customized this car? BTW, I love the modified version of its exterior. However, is there any upgrade on the engine of the 575M?

Well, the design is not that extensive. And I don’t think that I’ll be considering in buy one since the Ferrari is already out, and I have heard that the latter has an amazing speed. 

I’m not sure if what they do with this current is good. I think it doesn’t look better compare to their previous modification. I can’t see any new on these!

The Ferrari 575M is a historical master piece that went out of production in 2006. The prancing horse is the perfect combination of style and power coming from the small city of Maranello, Italy.

Riding on a high-tensile steel tube frame, the 575M sports such performance aids as speed-sensitive steering, adjustable suspension .

The 550 (and 575) are amongst my favorite Ferrari designs of the past 20-30yrs. To me, they are just beautiful cars, I cherish anytime I see one moreso than when I see just about any other model

Since we mentioned the wheels, we’ll tell you that the Ferrari OEM rims were swapped with a set of generously-sized ones that feature a multi-spoke design, and come in a black finish (with a red lip) that creates a strong contrast with the body.

what a hot looking sports car. I love the body trim and design.. but i really hate the head lamps

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