D1GP USA coming to a TV set near you.

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The D1GP is the championship series that legitimized drifting as a professional motor sport. The series was founded in 2001 and over the past eight years has grown into a worldwide phenomenon causing the creation of region specific spin-offs, like the D1GP USA here in America.

The FOX television network and the D1GP have reached an agreement that will bring every round of D1GP USA action to television sets across the country. As they sit right now, the FOX owned and operated stations reach about 45 million homes in America. At this time talks are being help with various cable providers and FOX affiliates to increase the coverage to 60 million broadcast, and 70 million cable households by the series premier. This will ensure the largest U.S. audience to ever witness the sport of drifting.

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D1GP USA coming to a TV set near you.

D1GP USA (www.d1gp.com), the motorsports industry’s premier drifting series, announced today it has finalized a deal with GPI Content Corporation and the FOX Television Station Group to air each of the D1GP USA Championship Points Series events in an estimated 45 million homes on FOX owned TV stations. Each event, slated as a one hour special, is anticipated to be broadcast adjacent to high-profile sporting events during the fall 2009 season. The FOX owned and operated broadcast TV stations provide content to nearly 40 percent of the nation’s households and nearly 44 percent of the nation’s Hispanic households, assuring that D1GP USA viewers will be the largest U.S. audience ever to witness drifting.

Official statements.

“The partnership between FOX Station Group, GPI and D1GP USA will be monumental for the sport of drifting in the United States. For the first time, the eyes of the nation will be focused on the drifting world,” said Rich Goodwin, president of D1GP USA. “Not only will die-hard fans be able to catch all of the action, but millions of people who have never been exposed to drifting will have a chance to see the best drivers in the world going head to head - all in spectacular high-definition TV.”

“We are excited to have the D1GP USA Championship Points Series as part of our program schedule in 2009,” said Chris King of FOX’s Station Group. “This HD content is highly entertaining as well as being targeted at a demographic audience which we believe to be a strong asset to our broadcasting operations.”

Extending their reach.

Discussions are ongoing with several national domestic cable carriers and dozens of FOX network affiliate stations with a mandate of increasing the U.S. television broadcast clearance to some 60 million broadcast households and 70 million cable households by the series premiere. International sales of the D1GP USA Championship TV series have begun and are showing strong results.


Weekly coverage of the D1GP USA Championship Points Series will commence this spring on the weekly syndicated motorsports show Steel Dreams TV (www.steeldreamstv.com), seen in more than 150 U.S. television markets and covering some 70 million households.

D1GP USA coming to a TV set near you.


In drifting twin drift is my favorite part, I’m amazed when they doing the drift side by side specially when it’s only inches away from the other car.

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