Dakar Yellow BMW M3 spotted in SoCal

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Dakar Yellow BMW M3 spotted in SoCal

Frozen Gray matte finish on a BMW M3 with pricey upkeep and detailed instructions? Who wants to deal with that?! We like this little beauty that was found at South Bay BMW in Torrance by Autospies. This Dakar Yellow paint job is $5,000 and worth every penny.

Pay $5,400 and you will not only get this spectacular paint job, but the Dakar Yellow BMW M3 will also come with an extensive carbon treatment, including a CF rear spoiler, CF mirror caps, and CF front splitters, black kidney grills, and a black powder coated rim set.

The total package, including the BMW M3 , comes to a staggering $83,980. Yeah, the price may be a little – okay, a lot – out there, but then again, you can see your M3 in a color that is fitting for a vehicle such as this one. Whoever said matte gray was a good idea? They should have stuck with the vibrant colors of the past such as Phoenix Yellow, Daytona Violet, Estoril Blue, Laguna Seca Blue, and so on. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Source: AutoSpies


Yes that’s awesome!!!smiley

Pretty amazing huh!!!So attractive..smiley

Me, too similar to that EOS yesterday. BMW should check out VF’s M3 with the matte gray finish, subtle black accents. Easily the most amazing M3 currently rolling around. The FI doesn’t hurt either smiley

Yellow, yes, it’s attractive on the road. More like a cousin of Bumblebee. Haha.

E46 Dinan S3 w/490hp, macho torque, wheels, tires, suspension, brakes. Why this?

How in the world did they get an Individual Dakar Yellow car when Dakar Yellow is not even offered on the Individual Colors on the BMW German and BMW UK site?

my goodness! I love this car! The color yellow fits my taste smiley no wonder why it catches the attention of the people out there. The car’s face was a wow! And the features? very interesting.

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