Dashware software puts you back in the driver's seat.

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The Southern California based company ChaseCam has just developed their latest application for the racetrack. The Dashware program allows you to combine in car footage with data acquisition information to create a custom layout of gauges that allow you to interpret exactly what your car was doing on the racetrack. Considering that ChaseCam has a history providing engineering development to the military, telecomm and biomed technology companies their products have proven themselves in stringent situations.

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Source: ChaseCam


ChaseCam Dashware is a revolutionary application that lets you visualize your data with professional looking, fully customizable gauges that take your project to a new level. A high-powered software system for your PC, ChaseCam Dashware lets you synchronize data and video to produce a professional presentation in a wide range of formats.

Dashware software puts you back in the driver's seat.

Basically, you can take in any video, and almost any data source, and using premade or customized gauges, you can create a professional looking video with data overlay. Easily create new dials, bar graphs, etc. Control the size, transparency. Share gauges or download the free customer gauges for our site. Automatic track maps from GPS data. Use multiple data files for comparison. In fact, you can read in one person’s Traqmate and another person’s DL-1. Show multiple positions on a track, so you can compare you against the other guy, or the whole field!

Dashware software puts you back in the driver's seat.

Drag and drop gauges where you want them. Set your map start and stop points. Split segments.

Can do open and closed courses (open like autocrossing!). Simple intuitive. Online help. "How To" wizards.

Video editing also. Trim front and back of video. Add titles. End credits. All with undo and redo.

Create custom templates. Share templates between users. Frequent updates planned with more features.

Output to Youtube or DVD or even upconvert your video.

Optimized Features

• Take AVI, MOV, MP4, and MPEG video inputs and convert to AVI, MP4 (H.264/AVC), MPEG2 or WMV video outputs.
• Use DashWare’s video output profiles tailored for DVD, YouTube, iPhone, PSP, PS3, etc.
• Support for Standard Def and High Def videos.
• Installed templates to start off your project with pre-arranged gauges and default settings.
• Professional looking gauges included in toolbox.

Gauge Designer

• Copy, clone, edit, and create new gauges with our advanced editing tools.
• Gauges produce striking, real-time performance analysis.
• Complete control over how your gauge uses inputs.
• Create and personalize unique gauges that no one could have dreamed of.
• Use images created in your favorite image editing software to construct photo-realistic gauges, or create gauges using the

DashWare designer.

• Choose your own colors, fonts, and transparency settings.Share your custom gauges with friends.
• Browse your toolbox using sleek thumbnail images.
Multiple Data Files
• Add multiple data files to compare your performance between sessions or with other people.
• Support for different data logger types, even when adding multiple data files to project.
• Show multiple position indicators on a map - just like a broadcast race.
• Support for open and closed courses.

Intuitive Interface

• Context-sensitive, comprehensive Help system.
• “How to” Wizards for step-by-step assistance.
• Import video and data effortlessly.
• Most actions have hotkeys for quick access.
• Intuitive and modern interface that is easy to use.
• Easily add start title/end credits to video.
• Action History for undo/redo.

Powerful Synchronization Tools

• Precise synchronization controls.
• Gauges can be used to make synchronization easier.
• Split your course into multiple segments to gather finer grained statistics.
• Zoom in while following your position on the large, resizable map.
• Set map start/finish position.

Video Preview

• View dynamic gauges in the video preview window for real-time data measurements.
• Seamless video playback and trimming.
• Drag-and-drop gauges for a personalized layout.

Advanced Options

• Advanced users can create their own custom video profiles.
• Create your own custom project templates to increase your efficiency.

Additional Features

• Direct support for ChaseCam cameras.
• Continuous development with frequent updates to the software.

Dashware software puts you back in the driver's seat.


Cool. One of the things that I like about racing nowadays is on how they capture the race. One of my favorite view is in the pit. To be able to witness how they drivers react and how the car actually does is awesome.

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