Datsun Making a Comeback: Nissan Planning to Revive the Long-Dormant Automaker

In the early-1980s, Nissan Motor Co. underwent a rather awkward changing process, as it dropped the well-known “Datsun” name in favor of its parent company’s name “Nissan.” Nissan added to the confusion by dragging the changeover process out for several years. For those present during the changeover, you will remember the confusing "Datsun by Nissan Nissan " days (i.e. Datsun by Nissan Pulsar Nissan Pulsar , Datsun by Nissan 280ZX, etc.). Over the course of a few years, The Datsun name disappeared and it has stayed that way for three decades.

Surprise, surprise, Nissan has chosen to dig up the old “Datsun” name and breathe life into it, come the 2014 model year. Now, before you classic Datsun Datsun fans get too excited for the return of the 280ZX or the compact B210, for now the re-introduction of the lineup is only going to take place in developing markets, including: India, Indonesia and Russia. Given the recent trend of automobile companies experimenting in smaller markets before expanding to the U.S. market; don’t be surprised if a Datsun dealership opens up on U.S. soil in the next 5 to 10 years. Much like Fiat hung around in the European market for nearly three decades before reemerging in the U.S. with the subcompact 500 .

From the looks of it, Datsun is going to be a big time competitor to the likes of Hyundai and Kia, as executives are claiming that the Datsun brand will feature vehicles in the $5,000 to $6,000 dollar range, which is a what we call "scary cheap." To date, there is no information on upcoming models, engines, design or any other specifics, but I think it’s safe to say that a revived 280ZX is not in the cards, at least initially.

Here’s to hoping two things happen. First, let’s see Datsun make a full comeback and make its way back to its fans in the U.S. Secondly, avoid conjoining two different names with "by," it’s really confusing guys…

Source: WSJ


Vintage car models is what most car enthusiasts are looking for. But I don’t think they will produce this car due to more public demand for new ones.

Datsun was once a popular car when it was on its prime. I think some revision would be good if done properly.

If you will produce this kind of car today, it will surely captivate many car lovers especially those who love vintage cars.

It’s a good step to start the process. It was like resurrecting the passed away or reconstructing the demolished building. I know it’s a tough job, but the best part of it is when you’re surprised with the result because you’re not expecting it. 

Just give Datsun another chance. Who knows they’ll bring the fantastic cars in the market for the future. 

If you’d ask me, there’s no room for it in the market anymore.

If people still recognize them, then they should continue with the plan. That only means they made it to history.

This will be a top hit in Korea, based on the details. It should also do well in the US, but I won’t expect much.

Since it is vintage, and it looks cheap, the price should be like that too. If it’s going to be equipped with a new powerful engine, it’s only natural.

Well, it’s nice to relive the past. Who knows if there are some who still are fond of the Datsun type? They’ll be pleased to know that it’s getting a re-launch.

That’s cool! People still remember that name. They should start in countries with small markets. It’s not bad for a comeback.

Nissan should make this available to countries who consume plenty of KIA and Hyundai then. The mentioned countries are not bad for starters.

Its comeback is like a garage sale, LOL. I think it’s appropriately cheap in price for its cheap paint job anyway.

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