De Tomaso Panthera coming back; and being based on Gallardo

The first time we heard about De Tomaso Panthera’s revival was at the middle of 2007. Now it seems that things are getting a bit closer to reality. If the designer Stefan Schulze manages to sell his idea to any investor, the Panthera will go into production and will cost around $100,000.

De Tomaso Pantera was the first super-sport model produced between 1971 until 1996. In its 25 years only 720 units were made.

The De Tomaso Panthera Concept is a project based on the Lamborghini Gallardo’s platform, or else, it would have a V10 engine, 4WD system and a unique style, what would make this machine an easy target for wealthy buyers that want an exclusive piece of machinery.

Source: WorldCarFans

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