Delivery driver wrecks Ferrari 612

Imagine all you ever dreamed of was the day when your brand new Ferrari would be delivered to your garage. You’ve counted every minute until the car of your dreams came into your possession? Now, imagine the delivery driver wrecking it just seconds before you could finally say "It’s mine!"

We’re not being sadistic, we swear! This is exactly what happened to a guy in the UK. He had the "chance" to have his brand new 612 Scaglietti delivered by a junior member of staff. Unfortunately, the junior member’s lack of experience caused the beautiful blue Ferrari to visit a lamppost face to face during the, apparently, difficult to maneuver roundabout. To make matters worse, the 612 mounted a two-foot wall!

Witness Gary Adams said: "He was driving along one minute and the next the car was in the middle of the roundabout. He looked pretty stressed out when he realized the car was wrecked and kept saying his bosses would kill him."

Talk about a bad day at work! We feel for you, buddy. We’re hoping your bosses - and the car owner, for that matter - are the forgiving type.

Source: The Sun


I agree, that’s a nightmare to the owner.

That’s weird because you almost have your car and then something happened, I think that’s a nightmare because your dream car turn to something that really stressed you.

What the heck! The ferrari even jumped over the 2 foot wall... grrrr.. If I were the owner of the 612 ,I’ll make sure that the driver truck driver will pay for his irresponsible driving.

That was a massacre for Ferrari 612. Poor little baby. I think it wasn’t able to survive last week before he got totaled.

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