Demand for Honda CR-Z in Japan stronger than expected

Hey America, how do you like them Honda CR-Z ’s now!

We remember a few weeks ago a report coming out that US Honda dealerships didn’t want a part of the CR-Z because they felt that it wouldn’t be a hit among its US customers. Well, the folks from Japan seem to have fallen in love with CR-Z after a Wall Street Journal report said that orders for the hybrid car are going at such a rapid pace it’s now ten times higher than what the company expected. Initially pegging sales of 1,000 models a month, Honda is now poised to exceed 10,000 orders for the CR-Z in its native land in just its first month.

Some people attribute that the sudden interest in Honda hybrids can be attributed to growing public discontent surrounding its chief rival – and largest hybrid maker in the world – Toyota .

According to Chris Richter, an automotive analyst at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, "If Honda can gain sales; they are going to promote the brand at the expense of Toyota. They are not blind to the situation.”

See, America. The CR-Z isn’t such a bad car after all. Besides, at this point, would you feel any safer inside a Priu s than you would with a brand-new CR-Z?

We don’t think so.


I love the interior design !

Hybrids should really be the ones in the streets now as there is just too much pollution out there. Anyways, I have seen a few tuned CR-Z and they are not so bad. They are great to play with actually and a friend of mine has said that the test drive for one is a very sporty experience. I’d consider one if I get to test drive one first.

I hope honda will also offer this in US and other countries in asia. But I guess toyota prius is pulled down by the recalls.

When a manufacturer hires a painter, auto mechanic, contractor, etc. they come up with a great design.

Well, that was impressive! CR-Z’s demands are increasing. No wonder this car is also a performer, hopefully it can outsale the famous Golf GTI.

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