Design Q builds a private jet interior Range Rover

There’s something to be said about people who roll around town in a Range Rover with ’rich’ being one of those words that are thrown around most often.

Well, if the word fits you and you’ve got enough money to waste, might we suggest that you give the folks over at Design Q a call. These guys certainly go to extraneous lengths to make the buyer feel, shall we say, more at home inside their Range Rover. See, what Design Q did is outfit a Range Rover with an interior that looks more like the inside of a private jet. Yeah, we’re not kidding. The features include an elevated roof designed to give the SUV’s rear seats more space, a gullwing door, a pair of plane-worthy seats, a drink chiller, a humidor, a mini-spa center, and a computer as well as “many other highly desirable features”.

Not your average SUV, is it? Even for Range Rover standards.

Source: Design Q


I bet this is from middle east again.

That’s nice, but I think those will not be suitable in this year. I guess this custom design will be much applicable to the future design.

If dodge brings these cars here they will be fine. They a fresh and original, at least state side they are.

Cool rover! For sure this is well suited for those high profile persons.

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