Designer renders Porsche 356 Speedster

We’ve always welcomed auto designers on our pages to show off their creations as a way of giving these guys some exposure in the industry. Hey, you never know who may be reading what these days and we like to think we’re doing our part in getting these designers’ feet in the door. This latest piece of work comes courtesy of Tigran Lalayan, a designer out of Armenia who showed us a rendering of his interpretation of the future Porsche 356 .

Using the traditional engine composition of the 356 – behind the rear axle that’s paired with rear-wheel drive – Lalayan has added KERS technology to the system to be able to increase the car’s fuel efficiency. As for his overall design of the 356 Speedster, Lalayan stayed true to Porsche ’s design language by instilling a number of elements traditionally found in Porsche models, including the low windshield, the oval headlights, the circular - albeit smaller - taillights, and the detachable rooftop.

Overall, Lalayan’s work is okay, if not just interesting. We’d like to see more of a front bumper because, on certain angles, the car looks more like a Volkswagen Beetle than a Porsche. But hey, Lalayan’s design is still much better than what our imaginations and rendering skills – or lack thereof – can come up with, so we have to give some credit where it’s due.


Hey guys,

Actually this was a design study, not an ultimate production intended product that will feel all your "rich" expectations.
Relax a bit and sorry for your wasted time.

I think the work is not pretty but let’s give due respect to the designer. Well, this
guy is a newbie, so let’s give comments that will be useful to improve his work. smiley

hmm. What’s happening to Porsche? I think this is not their work, it look so different from previous models. BTW, I agree that VW Beetle looks better than this..its looks distorted.

No way! There’s no reason to compare this car into VW Beetle. I would say that the latter has a better aesthetic compare to this one! I really don’t get why Porsche passed this concept for production!

pointless creation I would say! The bonnet and the body looks like a distorted something! I really don’t get why his calling himself "designer".

Well, I don’t think that it design is good!And just looking at it I would say that its the work of a newbies! What a waste of effort!

I understand the will to bring interesting stuff to the site, but posting such a poor design... is poor thought.

I know why it’s so hump-backed but I really don’t think it works on the 997 design; looks great from some angles and terrible from others.

nauseating! The front bumper is excessive full of detail in short over fussy!

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