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When Mercedes burst onto the automotive stage with the CLS 4 door coupe in 2004, a new vehicle type was born. This big 4 door "coupe" caused widespread approval and since its inception in 2004, the Mercedes has cornered the market. The field recently got a bit crowded when Audi introduced the A7 and now BMW has brought out their brand new 6-Series 4 door coupe. Although BMW was late to the party, details have just emerged about this latest BMW’s innards that almost guarantee it will be nothing short of stupendous.

BMW’s challenger to the Audi A7 and the Mercedes CLS first made an appearance at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show where it was known as the Gran Coupe. This new model is due to hit our shores sometime next year. We are intrigued by this four door coupe model because it is a first for BMW and our intrigue turns to salivation when we read about the thoroughness with which the Munich manufacturer has gone about designing this "coupe."

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Source: MotorTrend

Exterior & Interior

BMW Gran Coupe Concept

BMW Concept Gran Coupe

When designing this car, BMW did not just graft a new body onto a 6 series frame and call it a day. Instead, they rummaged around the bin and combined parts from several models to create the best possible vehicle. According to Motor Trend, this vehicle uses the same wheelbase from the 5-Series which is 4.4 inches longer than the 6-Series (116.8 vs 112.4). This wheelbase is also mated to a frame which is wider than the standard 5-Series (74.9in vs 73.2in). In addition, it is 2 inches longer (197.1 in) than its Mercedes competitor.

This latest model from BMW has a very sleek shape and is more appealing than its little brother at BMW, the 5-Series Gran Turismo. The Gran Coupe has the look of a businessman as opposed to the 5-Series GT that looks like a child with a bulging backpack.

Looking at these dimensions you may grimace at the thought of a BMW shed on wheels. Have no fear, to maintain a sleek coupe-ish shape the roof line has been lowered by 3.5 inches (compared to the standard 5-Series). In addition, to maintain the coupe shape, BMW has fitted it with frame-less windows. This latest model from BMW has a very sleek shape and is more appealing than its little brother at BMW, the 5-Series Gran Turismo. The Gran Coupe has the look of a businessman as opposed to the 5-Series GT that looks like a child with a bulging backpack.

The briefcase for this vehicular businessman will most likely be comfortably spartan. BMW seems to keep its interiors somewhat serious but comfortable, like your bosses office. Judging on the the interior of the 2012 6-Series coupe, this will have the standard I-drive control center as well as multi-function stereo. The greatest thing about this car is that it will offer the comfort and convenience of a 5-Series sedan with the style and comfort of the 6-Series.


BMW Gran Coupe Concept

BMW Concept Gran Coupe

Although this car is bigger than a standard 6-Series (which weighs 4233 lbs), BMW has been busy incorporating aluminum and thermoplastics into the body to keep the girth away. We think overall weight may go up to 4400 pounds, which all said is not bad for a full size 4 door coupe. This latest model will be propelled by a choice of a few power plants, including a turbocharged Inline-6 which develops 300 hp and 300 lbs/ft at 1400 rpm or a twin turbo V8 that puts out 400 hp and 450 lbs/ft at 1750 rpm. Motor Trend has also pointed out that these engines will be mated to BMW’s 8 speed automatic. In addition to these ferocious power plants, BMW will most likely offer the 6 Gran Coupe with driver aids such as All Wheel Drive and Dynamic Drive anti-roll system.


We are expecting this 6 series 4 door coupe to start at around $75,000 which will put it at $8,000 less than the base 650i coupe. This price will also make it the most expensive of the 4 door coupes (the Mercedes starts at $71,300 and the Audi at $59,250.)


BMW Gran Coupe Concept

BMW Concept Gran Coupe

This latest offering from BMW has everyone drooling like a kid in a toy store. The prospect of a great looking "coupe" that actually has room for the family is tempting. In addition BMW has managed to field a contender that looks fantastic. Even though the BMW i BMW i s fielding the most expensive contender, people will flock to the BMW because it is the best looking 4 door coupe. What is increasing the drool factor is the prospect of this car with BMW’s robust racehorse V8. We eagerly await to drive this new direction from BMW and see if it lives up to the Ultima Ultima te Driving Machine Standard. If it was up to us, the 6 series Gran Coupe would be allowed a spot in the most exclusive club, our garage.


Yeah, does it mean that the 6-series is less powerful compare to the M series? Or its just the figure performance of the car. I was impressed with this vehicle.

It seems that there are a lot of future productions from the BMW. Hell, I really don’t know on what’s the difference between the M series and without the M package. 

I guess this first coupe from BMW kicks Audi and Mercedes off the race track. As BMW was the last one to release a coupe, probably they got some concepts from Audi and Mercedes and then merged ideas resulting a much better output.. Nice move from BMW. Hahah..

It looks simple but really appealing. This simple car show professionalism. If I will see this car on the road. I will surely think the one handling the steering wheel is an authoritative businessman.

Its just a 4 inch longer than the 5 series. The speed performance of the car is quite impressive as well as its styling! I wonder on what will be the competitor of this car? Is it the Audi A7?hehe

Well, I’m glad to see this future vehicle in camouflage at least we know that its debut is near. The sleeker version of 5-series GT. The styling look so elegant though it doesn’t use the M package. For a four-door coupe the pricing of the car is kind of cheaper.

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