Digital Renderings of the 2014 Mazda3 Hit the 'Net

After releasing the new generation Mazda6 onto the market, the company has focused its attention on the development of the next generation Mazda3 . The first details suggest that the model will arrive in Summer 2013 and will be ready for the US market as a 2014 model year.

Today, British magazine AutoExpress is dropping what appears to be the first images of the next generation Mazda3. According to the site, these are digital renderings received from Mazda to confirm what everyone else already knew: the next Mazda3 will feature the company’s latest Kodo design language already unveiled in the design of the new Mazda6.

The next Mazda3 will be offered in the same 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback configurations as the current generation. It will benefit from Mazda‚Äôs fuel-saving SkyActiv tech making it both lighter and more fuel efficient. We also expect to see an MPS version, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for confirmation of that.

Source: AutoExpress


i hope this car will perform as good as it looks. and that is because i’d like to see this car on the street. but then again, alfa’s and fiat’s are all over, and they are not the most reliable, are they?

i kind of wonder (bu not too much) of the technical details of this car. the looks alone should sell it.

i wonder if the competition will come up with equally good looking cars or not.

2014 may seem far away. but this car will fit just perfect in the landscape. unless some zombie apocalypse. it will still be a no brain-er in its class! (no brain-er = thing that you buy without thinking about it / you could buy without having a brain)

we have to applaud what the engineers and designers at mazda did. and that is to collaborate perfectly!

i can only appreciate the simple lines and the over all design of the car. it is well balanced and well thought of. you can tell it has a whole design language behind it!

this car will also have the technology to back up its looks. it will be a good marriage.

the car looks very appealing. its lines are simple, yet good looking. it will be a good competitor in it’s class.

nope, you’re right. it’s like someone with a 0.3 MP camera took a picture from a big distance, and them they zoomed in.

am i the only one who thinks this picture has a very low quality?

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