Dodge Challenger SRT8 Limo: Luxury Meets Muscle

Between proms, parties, guys’/girls’ nights out, and other things, we have been in a lot of limos in our day. We have also seen plenty of them in our time in all shapes, sizes, makes, and models. However, we have never ever seen a muscle car stretched into a luxury limo. This all changed when we came across LA Custom Coach Inc., who is famous for stretching unusual vehicles into limos. The oddest limo on their lot, which includes a stretched F-650 and a stretched Charger , is a roughly 28-foot-long Challenger SRT8 .

According to the video above, the entire stretching process took a total of four months from start to finish. It involved chopping this poor car in half, modifying its frame, then adding sheet metal and windows. On the inside, LA Custom Coach Inc. completely gutted the SRT8 and added in full black leather with slight touches of red, which are actually the signature SRT dual slashes.

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This muscle limo also features a 24-inch LED TV, a 10-inch LED TV, a color changing light display mounted in the red headliner, and a wet bar. This Challenger is completely unique, to date, but LA Custom Coach has already procured another Challenger SRT SRT 8 and is in the processes of performing the exact same modifications, so this muscle limo will soon have a near-identical sibling. By far the most amazing aspect of this build is that they did it with mostly OEM parts.

So next time you have a date that you really need to impress, don’t go for the typical Bentley or Lincoln Lincoln limo, show some muscle by arriving in a stretched 470-horsepower, HEMI-powered muscle car. Just think, if those crazy hillbillies from the old Dodge commercials pull up next to you and your date asking “Hey, does that thing gotta HEMI,” you can actually say “Yes.” Now all we need to see are videos of this beast running a quarter-mile and we will be satisfied.


Riding a fabulous limousine like this can make you feel one of the world’s richest. Ever since, celebrities are using this vehicle to show their richness and even glamorous with elegance in every detail. We can say that limos are part of their state

This is a total entertainment. The Limo we used to know is a model of certain luxury, but not a muscle car. I don’t know what’s with Dodge, but this Limousine should be a model of modernity and first-class vehicle.

They made it possible. Good to have one of that muscle car combined with a luxurious look.

Will whimsical tough people actually dig this? Personally, I find it appalling.

I have two different opinions on this one, but I’d stick with the negative one since I have more reasons to criticize it. In short, I do not approve of it.

No matter what they say, this is looking greatly reliable and comfortable to me.

I think I’m the only one who likes this combination. Its appearance is actually acceptable, anyway.

As long as it is functional, I don’t care how it looks like. If you’d ask me though, I’ll honestly say that it appears awkward.

I find this desperate for attention. Now that it got it, we may tag it as the “infamous” luxurious muscle car.

Were they experimenting when they did this? It has turned out to be a flop, in my opinion.

Not cool. Maybe if they have made its muscle feature a bit subtle, it would have suited its luxurious components.

Its look seems awkward to me. A muscle car just isn’t suited to have a lengthy body.

I’ve got to admit that I find its components awesome. However, I still do not approve of its appearance.

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