Dodge Charger Pursuit achieves record time at Michigan Evaluation Test

During a recent test drive, the Dodge Charger Pursuit established a new record time at Michigan State Police’s (MSP) annual Police Vehicle Evaluation tests. The car ran the Grattan Raceway in an impressive time of 1:33.70.

That wasn’t the only feat either. The new Charger Pursuit also scored impressive sprint times during its evaluation: 0-to-60 mph in 5.83 seconds, 0-to-70 mph in 7.38 seconds, 0-to-80 mph in 9.18 seconds, 0-to-90 mph in 11.43 seconds, and 0-to-100 mph in 13.65 seconds.

"Achieving the fastest-ever lap time at the Michigan State Police’s annual Police Vehicle Evaluation test reflects the mission of the Dodge Dodge Charger Pursuit Team to equip our law enforcement officials with the absolute best combination of vehicle performance and tactical equipment," said Peter Grady, Vice President of Network Devel Devel opment and Fleet, Chrysler Group LLC. "Even more impressive is that all four Michigan State Police Vehicle Test Team drivers averaged their fastest times in the Charger Pursuit – reinforcing the driver confidence provided when world-class acceleration, braking, handling and dynamics are combined."


With this car, the Michigan State Police will response more quickly in solving crimes in the city. The car really suit to be used by policemen.

If all the police have this kind of a car. I think all the crime can solve quick because of the respond quickly. smiley

If every policeman have this car surely they work harder. This is actually too much and totally impressive police car to have. But if I’m the policeman I would even take care for it. A dream car for policeman.

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