Dodge police cars to Kuwait

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How do you chase down speeders in a country full of Ferraris? Hemi power, of course! Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior purchased 150 Dodge Chargers with police packages to use for traffic, security and emergency response. Deputy Ministry of Kuwait’s Interior, Musaed S. Al-Guwainem said that the Charges were chosen for the police because, "speed, handling and functionality are critical to their job.” Now all Dodge has to do is teach the entire Kuwaiti police force how to yell ‘Yee-Haw’ whenever they get in ‘hot pursuit’.


What a bunch of cheapskates. You’d think in Kuwait the cop cars would be Aston Martins, or at least some Jags. How the hell are the cops supposed to catch the Kuwaitis speeding in their Bugatti Veyron???

Hahaha, cool! I’ve never seen a great line of Dodge chargers like this and to think that they’re all for police officers.

Hemi power engines are great in "Hot Pursuit" dodge charger is a good choice, but if you are chasing a ferrari specially it is handled by a great driver, i guess hemi engines can’t do anything. one things for sure it’s name says it all "Dodge the ferrari"

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