Dog allegedly drives this Toyota Prius into a Volkswagen Jetta?

Dogs wearing chauffeur get-ups and driving cars can only be found in movies, right? Apparently, as somebody is claiming, they can be found in Minneapolis too - without the get-up of course.

We were able to find this from a forum member at Star City Racing who posted his friend’s Facebook status message, which reads:

"I came out of getting coffee to see that a red (Toyota) Prius t-boned my car. Dog in front seat. Lady comes out 2 min later and claims it happened while she was gone. Says someone got into her car and did it. Then she says her dog may have done it. This is what I’m dealing with right now. Awesome."

For a split-second there, we thought Snoopy was behind it. Then common sense took over and we realized just how unfathomable this scenario is. Either someone was trying to put the blame on a canine or there’s more to this accident than meets the eye. Either way, we’re not particularly thrilled for the owner of that Volkswagen Jetta who now has to explain to his insurance company that the offending party in this accident is, of all things, a dog.

Good luck with that, buddy.


It looks like it’s not a big damage to the jetta. Maybe the prius just scratched it’s doors.

So on what grounds are they going to charge to the dog? Driving without license? or driving without proper safety and decorum? hehe.

Well, that’s weird. For me, whoever owns the car should take the full responsibility of the damages that has been made.

Good thing that the prius is running slow. Prius chassis and body are not that tough as the VW Jetta you bet prius will look like a crumpled paper after the crash with jetta.

hehe good thing that his dog knows how to hold on tightly to the streering wheel.

I guess the owner left his emergency break locked. That’s why his prius run along on the parking lot with his dog in front.

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