Drifting Banned in North California track

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The weekend of June 23rd and 24th should be a reason to celebrate for many as the D1 Grand Prix would make its first attendance at the Riverside Motorsports Park, in Altamont County. But instead of the thunderous chanting of the crowds, roaring engines and billowing smoke, Altamont will hear nothing but silence this weekend.

For the past few months, a local group of residents named "Community for a Better Altamont" have been protesting against the hosting of sanctioned drifting events being hosted at the motorsports park. These protesters have complained of noise pollution from the tires and motors, and some even took a step further claiming they had seen property damage, riots, and vandalism. One angry resident was noted to have called the Sherriff’s office 17 times during an event. The debate between these residents and the motorsport enthusiasts have been growing to a level that has gathered the attention of local news channels:

These angry residents are located in a mile radius around the track. Although they seem to voice their opinion as hundreds of residents, the local county supervisor Scott Haggerty confirms that the supporters that seem to ban drifting from Altamont are no more than 30 residents. These 30 supporters have their opinion heard through constant complaining with allegations that so far have turned out to show little to no concrete evidence.

The decision to ban drifting from Altamont occured during April, and ever since then, there has been no tire screeching or smoke from drifting. The D1 Grand Prix was an event many were looking foward in hopes that this would bring a positive image to the local track and further support the emerging sport. But the Community for a Better Altamont was able to prevent the event from happening defending their same cause.

As this story continues to develop, little cooperation or information has been recieved from the residents who refuse to be interviewed by the automotive media. But one clear question remains: If the drifters are banned from the track, where else would they go? And that is a question that the local authorities should take highly into consideration.


that was the best track for drifting. where are we going to go now? someone get Talladega Speedway on the phone.

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