Driving on Blocks: the Lego-inspired iPhone Steering Wheel

Playing racing games on your iPhone can be a tedious experience, especially when you have to tilt and twist your iPhone in all sorts of directions. This rather ingenious fellow was able to drive around the problem by building an iPhone holder using Lego blocks. Even better than that, he also added a steering wheel and gear to his contraption so that he only needs to move the wheel – just like real driving – to play his favorite racing games on the iPhone.

It’s a pretty cool thing to build with Lego blocks and it would have been even more amazing if he found a way to keep his iPhone from screen-saving from time to time.

Source: Automotto


Just be sure that the apps would regularly updated.

It’s a just one of the kid games..

is this exclusively for IPHONE? or lego does have it for nokia and samsung?

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