Ducati Sports Car Concept

When you say or hear "Ducati" the first thing that comes to mind is a cool, red sports motorcycle, but how about thinking about it in a whole new way? Maybe a sports car with a new design by Ducati? Okay, so this isn’t for real, but it would be a cool concept and something that a designer might undertake in his design studies.

Young designer Anthony Collard imagined a hardcore 2-seater sports car powered by two Ducati Desmosedici RR V8 engines (each developing 200 HP). When talking about his project, Collard said: "“The car has a mixed tubular/carbon body structure, covered by carbon panels and painted fairings. … it has Ohlins suspension on the four wheels….The engine is a in central front position (just behind the front wheel axis, like for example on a SLR McLaren), and it is a V8 made of two L4 Desmosedici engines. So it develops about 420hp for a car weighting 420-450kg, thanks to all the carbon elements. The wheels are, as on any Italian bike, Marchesinis."

So, considering KTM has the X-Bow, is a Ducati sports car soemthing of a possibility?


there are a lot of carbons used here just to make it more lighter and faster. I’m pretty sure KTM are now scratching their asses to beat the hell out of it.

Well let’s wait for the X bow and ducati come face to face on track.I can’t wait for it to happen.

Yeah me too, two legendary motor bikes transformed into a 4 wheel vehicle. This is an exciting race.

I’d like to see this baby come face to face with KTM X-Bow.

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