Ebay find of the day: Ferrari Enzo

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A red Ferrari Enzo is for sale on ebay. Its all yours for a little more than US $1,100,601.99 (Thats the current bid). The owner of this exotic supercar lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. With only 2,600 miles clocked, the car is pretty much new and seems to be in an immaculate condition. Its got leather seats, anti-lock brakes and air-conditioning? The owner claims that the car has spent most of its precious life indoors and is the finest Enzo available in the market today. Only 399 of these were ever made and that makes it even more valuable. Any probable buyers around here?

Source: ebay


all are sold out from the delership therefore they are rare. colectibles. they will not cost their msrp price.

only 399 were ever made..and I don’t think there is a fixed price for a machine thats categorized under ’collectibles’

hahahaha never buddy. Hes trying to rip off someone... its worth like 750 grand canadian ..maybe even tops that

what would be fair market price of this car?

mr. enzo can i have this car ahahahahahaha

those cars are pretty
i will like to have one
of those cars

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