Electric Mini spied

Back in September we reported that Mini will bring 500 electric cars to California . Since the cars will be in California, what better place to make its debut than the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to AutoCar, the EV Mini will be a surprise guest at that show.

Technical details are scarce, but its interior will have to be dramatically altered to fit a battery pack – possibly even losing the rear seats. Using modern lithium-ion batteries, the electric Mini is expected to have a range of between 100 and 135 miles after a full recharge.

Source: AutoCar


Not to mention Toyotas are reliable.

I agree best way to go and also the new prius looks great the pictures are on right know

I’ll put my money down on the Prius.

who will win

So its Chevy volt vs future toyota prius vs mini cooper aka America vs germany vs japan.

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