Electrodynamics Concept by Antonio Bruno Skips the Brand and Focuses on the Car

Here’s another go-around into the future with yet another design study based on an electric sports car. The only difference is that this study wasn’t put together by students as a final project, but was designed by none other than Pagani interior/exterior designer, Antonio Bruno. His project, the Electrodynamics Concept, features a design made of unstructured volumes and, of course, an electric powertrain.

The Electrodynamics is much like any other sports car in that it has a very aerodynamic shape. That shape is then visually broken up by black and white exterior features and a set of futuristic wheels. When talking about the exterior design of the concept, Antonio Bruno said: "The absence of a brand reference has contributed to the free forms and is totally devoted to aerodynamic influences and perceptions typical of product design. The upper dome is formed from a tinted acrylic component that stretches up to the front bumper, where it could hide the additional headlights."

We can go on about the look of the car, but the real focus is the origin of power. The future is obviously in electric cars so this concept is destined to be powered by four permanent magnetic electric motors placed inboard and connected to the wheels via drive shafts. What these motors will do for performance times is obviously unknown at this point.

Whether we’ll actually see this independent design study out on the streets is highly doubtful. However, the redeeming factor of having designers who can come up with studies like this is that it gets everyone’s brains to churn out better and better ideas for the future and that is always a good thing.


He has a great design, but they’re right he skips the brand and totally focuses on the car.

Where else would it focus to? LOL. I think that Antonio Bruno is very witty, and it is evident on this car.

Well, it really does have quite a lot of nice features. But lets face it, this one ain’t going to make it out of the drawing board, which is the only disappointing part here.

This car is nice. It’s like a car from Robocop. The Window tints is really great and the wheels and rims are of good color combination

Even though Bruno didn’t give a brand name for this one, it still has bits of Pagani all over it, which is really not that surprising. But it really does look cool anyway.

Lately, I’ve been curious about electrodynamics cars and how it will benefit the consumers. The prototype has a lot of things need to furnish specially on its interior features.

I admit that this car looks slightly awkward but definitely futuristic. Perfect design for a Electrodynamic car. I wonder what Antonio Bruno has in mind when he design this?

Yeah, I think the platform of both are the same. However, I think there’s a big chance for this concept car to be in the production since Pagani have a long term plan of producing a successor for the Zonda.

Is this the same with the concept of BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics..It seems that I’m going to be bad production for this car manufacturer.

Electrodynamics Concept? What a concept? I wonder what’s in the mind of Antonio Bruno why he made this one. Well, I’m amazed. A very futuristic theme!

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