Eliza Dushku likes all-terrain tires on her Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius isn’t exactly a car that you’d mistake to be all-terrain-ready, but apparently for some people – celebrities, even – all-terrain tires and Toyota’s hybrid car go together like peanut butter and jelly.

A few weeks after purchasing a Toyota Prius, the lovely Eliza Dushku wasn’t necessarily impressed with the standard tires they came in, so she decided to sell those tires on eBay for charity and replace them with all-terrain tires.

We shudder to think what a Toyota Prius will look like when it’s on an off-road excursion, but Eliza Dushku seems to think that it’s a good idea. And because she’s sizzling hot, we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Source: Twitter


If that’s the case, Prius the brand would really need to get weirder and more alternative, as Toyota maintains the trucky-traditional car company identity.

haha, that might be a cool Prius, equipped with all-terrain.

Well, I’m imagining what it looks like to have a prius with all terrain tire. I must admit that it looks awful and awkward.

That was an odd news making the prius all-terrain? Come on guys you think a Hybrid can run though all terrain?

Another great reason to save Dollhouse. Google Tore Loves Eliza.

wow, she actually got someone to buy the Prius’ stock wheels for 400 bucks. I really want to see the looks of the car now with the all terrain wheels. I wonder how huge they exactly are and how it makes the car look.

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