Exclusive: 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider Rendering

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TopSpeed has some new renderings of what the next Alfa Romeo Spider will look like and it looks simply amazing. We all know that Alfa Romeos have always looked sensational and have always delivered that brilliant driving experience that can only be felt if you’ve owned one. They aren’t the fastest and they aren’t the most practical, but their unique design and lovable charm is what makes an Alfa, an Alfa.

The car is based on the Pininfarina 2uettotanta concept shown in Geneva and, based on how well it was received by the public, these new renderings might be an accurate representation of what the model will look like when it’s put into production.

Yet, as is the way with these things, health and safety folks are going to require a few changes before the car goes on sale. First off, the lights will need to be bigger and positioned higher. The LED lights that are currently on the car probably won’t be the only light source, so a blend of normal headlights and LEDs seem more logical. The air intakes need to be enlarged to ensure proper cooling for the V6 that will be under the hood.

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No word on if Alfa will bring this car to the United States and what the pricing might be, but like most Alfa products, it won’t be cheap. The current Spider is around £26,000 and we would imagine that this new one would be in the same ballpark, if not a bit higher.

There is no denying that this car is gorgeous, but that won’t be enough for today’s market, as there are many different options for roadster shoppers. The Audi TT and A3 , the Mercedes SLK, the BMW 3-Series and 1-Series , the Volkswagen Eos CC , and the Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet are just a few of the choices available to car shoppers.

Exclusive: 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider Rendering

If the price climbs any higher the Alfa Spider will be in the Porsche Boxster and Mercedes E-Class range and that is seriously tough competition for any car company.

If the Alfa Romeo Spider does see the light of day, it will be the first Alfa with rear-wheel drive, after the Type 4 was killed off in 1993. We have also heard that it will be based on a Chrysler platform, possibly the LX or the LC. The LX platform is used on the Chrysler 300C and the Dodge Charger . The smaller LC, which is used on the Dodge Challenger , has a wheelbase that is 10-inches shorter than the LX.

If Alfa wants to be taken seriously alongside the Germans and the other European car manufacturers, this roadster is a must make for the Fiat-owned company.

Exclusive: 2013 Alfa Romeo Spider Rendering

Currently, the only roadster Alfa has on the market is the Spider Open, which isn’t very good. It suffers from an overly firm ride and a body flex that can affect handling on poor surfaces. The petrol versions are thirsty and not very quick. Even the Alfa charm won’t save this disappointing machine.

Alfa Romeo is set to resume U.S sales next year with the MiTo and, if this Spider hits our shores, you will find us in line waiting to get our hands on one.


Well, they still have enough time to boost more the engine of this vehicle. Anyway, I’m so fascinated with the exterior of this. It looks very luscious on that.

It is really simply amazing and awesome! I must also agree with them that even though it is a good-looking and a very attractive vehicle, it has an unlovely fact that it doesn’t have an efficient and impressive engine.

Too bad for the disappointing machine of this Spider. Well it really had the looks and it’s a unique one but they must focus now with how they can enhance the poor engine/machine of this.

Spider/Spyder versions keeps crawling out on every car brand in the market.

There’s nothing like a nicely penned Italian line. There hasn’t been a design like in years. May it start a Renaissance in automotive styling.

They could go ahead and build it on a Radio Flier and it wouldn’t matter. The styling of this is off the charts. As in the past, it upstages the sturdy German competition with great flare.

Auto enthusiasts may get screwed in this deal. That Charger platform needs to go to Jenny Craig pronto.

There’s nothing like a nicely penned Italian line. There hasn’t been a design like in years. May it start a Renaissance in automotive styling.

WOW, looks like Alfa Romeo is now competing with the other Spiders on it’s class.

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