F1 license plate bought for $880.000

When it comes about a car you love, you might understand why someone will pay almost $1 million for it, but when you pay this amount of money for a F1 license plate... well, you might have reasons not to agree with the guy! But who am I to tell people what to do with their money, right?

The man who did this is the businessman Afzal Kahn (Kahn Design owner) who paid this week-end £330,000 plus VAT (meaning £440,000 or $880,000) for a F1 license plate, Britain’s most expensive registration.

Previous record was £331,000 for M1, sold by auctioneers Bonhams in July 2006.

Source: Daily Mail

The license plate was put on a new Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR, which cost £200,000 less than the number.

It is a 104 years-old registration, and previously was on a £30,000 Volvo S80 used by the council chairman.

F1 license plate bought for $880.000

"I knew I just had to have it," said Mr Kahn. "I have spent years chasing it. I cannot believe I’ve finally got it. I am privileged to have acquired such a prestigious plate. It’s every man’s dream to have his perfect car with a number plate like this."

The money will be used for charity which aims to raise the standards of young drivers.

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