Facelift Aston Martin DB9 caught testing

Yesterday we reported that Aston Martin would bring a new generation DB9 sometime in 2013-2014. However, until then, the British company is preparing a facelift version that will be revealed at the Paris Auto Show . And spy photographers caught it almost completely undisguised.

The facelift version includes a new front bumper with revised intakes, a new side sill design, new wheels, new wing mirrors, and redesigned taillights. The new DB9 will also get new exterior colors and a few new wheel options.

A facelift version for the Volante version will be revealed in a few months after the coupe version.


Looks good, no doubt about it, so the only difference between a V8 and a V12 vantage cosmetically is the bonnet? If I had a v12, i wouldn’t be pleased. Car makers have to learn to protect their customers.

AH! I absolutely LOVE this car! I mean seriously, you cant get any better than this!!!

well i guess this is the new James Bond hight tech car.

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