Facelift Volkswagen Tiguan reveals its rear

The Tiguan has decided to show us its rump! After seeing the front of the facelift version Volkswagen Tiguan thanks to a leaked brochure, today the next crossover has also revealed its rear. As a reminder, the facelift Volkswagen Tiguan will make its official debut in September at the Paris Auto Show.

While the front gets a restyled front bumper, new fog lights, an updated grille, and LED daytime running lights integrated into the headlights, the rear will only get LED taillight clusters. And like the previous photo, there will also be a new set of wheels. Basically, the back of the Tiguan is no different than the previous model so this view of the vehicle doesn’t exactly wow us at all.

Most likely the engine line-up will remain the same, with just a few updates made to improve fuel consumption. A hybrid version may also be in the works, but that model won’t be released for several years.

Source: WCF


The only production that captured my attention in the Volkswagen lineup was the Golf. VW made an impressive hatchback. However, the newer version of the Tiguan seems to be an interesting model.

Well, its a good thing that they have made a facelift version for this car to emphasize its rear. I love the decent styling of the car though the modified exterior is just like an ordinary crossover.

I guess there’s nothing stunning about this production! Sorry, I’m not interested on this facelift version!However, The hybrid version of this model is kind of interesting!

hmm. I really don’t find facelift version lovely. Actually, I’m a bit annoyed to the car manufacturers who did a little changes on a car and later on they’re going to claim it as a new model.

The funny side is that they have made a facelift version for this three years old car! However, I think there is no further upgrade in the power performance.

what I hate about facelift is that, car manufacturer tend to modify the face but later on they call it a new version though they haven’t made further modification on it.

looks a lot more of an suv than cuv.. oh well i can’t judge it on a newspaper hehe.

Impressive suv, but to be honest. I’m not that 100% if i like it.

It looks different in its European and North American iteration. But I guess it is unlikely VW will change much, if anything, of the Tiguan’s new styling from what we see here.

hahaha so what’s next? door sides? last time they reveal the front end.

Lovely, but it would be better if they also added a rear diffuser and spoiler.

Lovely, but it would be better if they also added a rear diffuser and spoiler.

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