Falcatron: Ford Australia's new Autobot Transformer

Five years after the first Transformers movie, it’s safe to say that the sizzle from seeing cars transforming into robots and vice versa isn’t a novelty anymore. But don’t tell that to Ford Australia, which found a new way to promote the release of the new video game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Whereas you’ll normally see TV plugs or maybe even a billboard or two, Ford Australia took to Facebook to present a conceptual design of its very own Transformer, Falcatron. Apparently, Falcatron is an Autobot and was born from a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo, a car that packed a 4.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine and produced 362 horsepower. The design of Falcatron is noticeable too, to say the least, particularly the electric blue color, the orange grille and headlights, and a aerodynamic bodykit that, quite frankly, defies description.

So what do you think of Falcatron? Is he worthy to roll with Optimus Prime and his bad-ass band of Autobots?


Gaming will never be a fun with this one. I like the way they made a design on it.

It’s awesome looking autobot. I’m sure kids will love this one.

This will be a good fight. I sensed that this Falcatron will be viscous and has super-strength and capabilities.

What are the powers and defense mechanisms of this Falcatron? I can’t wait for this.

So, the Transformers game can be more exciting with the new Autobot.

Yeah they should give us new idea of how this Falcon transforms into Falcatron.

Are they serious?! They are making this kind of crappy car?! Oh My God! For what purpose?! I think they are only wasting their time and effort.

I hope they have a flash content or video on how this Falcon transforms into a robot.

Well, with that Autobot of Ford Falcon, the Transformer games became so exciting.

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