Fast and the Furious: Fast Five trailer released

The fifth installment of the Fast & the Furious movie franchise is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011, but we’re already getting a good look at what promises to be yet another action-packed, auto-overload of a movie.

The title for this movie is ‘Fast 5’ and it stars our favorite renegades Vin Diesel and Paul Walker playing the roles of Dom Toretto and Brian O’Connor and being reunited with a lot of the characters from the previous movies, including Tyrese Gibson and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges. Some fresh new faces have also been added to the mix, most notably Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays the role of an FBI Agent hell bent on putting the brakes on Toretto and O’Conner’s slick, fast-driving ways.

We’re not going to spoil the surprise and tell you what the story is all about so we’re going to let the trailer, which is pretty cool by the way, do the explaining for us.

Some people might be getting a little tired of this movie franchise, and quite frankly, we’re not so much into the story and the acting either. But for us NOS-obsessed geeks, it’s all about the cars, baby!


haha. Yeah,I agree with you guys! Fast and the Furious doesn’t have an interesting storyline but you will definitely get crazy over those extremely gorgeous cars! This movie is now showing in theaters now.

Wow! i can’t wait for the latest series of this movie! For sure, just like the previous movie its action packed. I’m so excited because I have seen all of them!

i think there’s a bit confusions here..this April, its summer in Brazil and spring in US.
I get bit confuse about the trailer and on article!

Whoa! I like this movie. The soundtrack where so amazing! haha

I have read lot of criticism about this movie. But for me, I like this movie..Its action jam pack and all the character from the previous sequel can be seen here in the latest movie.

As usual, we’ll see more than a fair share of hot rides, hot girls and at times not so life-like car action.

I think they include the new ferrari on the transformers 3. but too bad that Mikaela (megan fox) is not the movie... oh well good thing that they’ve replace her with more sexier one.

dang next year the transformer will also release cant wait for those two movies. I’m really excited with it.

damn, I’m so impressed with this movie, the used a lot of high end cars such as Charger, vipers, camaro and specially the GT-R.

Nice movie.. more action packed than the previous FF’s. also they story is somehow somewhat good or should i say better than the FF4.

As we already told you several times in the past, the fifth part of the movie will be titled Fast Five and will be adorned with both the actors which made the previous four (more or less) famous: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

nice movie, I cant wait to its premier night. good thing that its director managed to organize all the cast of Fast and Furious from 1 to last.

I’ve seen it on HD, it is going to be a cool movie! (I hope)

If you want to see a higher quality trailer check the Apple website. They usually have the coolest trailers.

"... and then we’ll disappear, ... forever!"

I’ve heard that one before, and you just made one more smiley

This is yet another try to keep the girls, action and cars spirit, but this is going to an end since the subject has run dry.

Finally! I have seen them all and I hope this one tops the first one, which was my favorite!

I seen all of’em and i cant wait to see this one!

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