Fast meets Fast: Usain Bolt pays a visit to Ferrari

Considered as the fastest man alive, world-record holder and Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt, is no stranger to destroying the competition. Actually, annihilating may be a better word to describe it. Since his record-setting run at the 2008 Olympics, Bolt has become a household name, and rightfully so because there’s nobody on the planet that can beat this man in a foot race.

Armed with his new-found fame, Bolt was invited by an automaker that’s also familiar with the word ‘fast’. We are, of course, talking about Ferrari .

While visiting Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Bolt got a unique opportunity to test drive two of the company’s more popular supercars, the 458 Italia and the 599 GTB . Bolt was treated to a drive around the famed Maranello racetrack with test drivers Dario Benuzzi and Raffaele De Simone, before being given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Prancing Horses.

Being a gold medalist at the Olympics and regarded as the fastest man on the planet definitely has its own perks. Apparently, one of them is being given a personal tour around one of the most famous supercar makers in the country.

Source: You Tube


How about..USain Bolt vs. Italia vs. 599..haha..that’s definitely a nice race to watch..

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