Ferrari 360 gets completely wrapped in anime and manga drawings

Maybe we should reconsider our position towards anime, especially in light of the fact that our Japanese friends can go really over-the-top with their fanaticism towards it. Normally, we’re tolerant of those who enjoy it, but when the obsession goes a little overboard - as is the case with this one - then we can’t help, but wonder what these loonies are thinking.

It’s cool if it were any other car, like maybe, a Corolla or a Civic , but painting anime and manga characters all over a beautiful Ferrari 360 ? Imagine the outcry over there at Maranello. They never, in their wildest dreams, would have thought that somebody would do this to one of their exotics.

Maybe the owner of this car should get married to the owner of that Hello Kitty Ferrari 360. That would be a sight to see.

Source: RPM Go


Wow, the anime looks great in the Ferrari..nice customization

That’s the nicest vinyls I’ve ever seen.

Yeah,wright.I think that this time they took it a bit too far.

lovely, but i would rather choose a 4 wheels than the 2 wheel.

european car is pimped with Japanese anime and Manga drawings.. normally you can see an anime wrapped car only with streets car. but now even a super car is into manga.

This culture exists because house prices are in such low supply, that even if you had money you would only be able to find a crappy apartment, in which case you’d use the remaining cash to buy an expensive car.

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