Ferrari 360 Modena burns along California highway

Car crashes are never a pretty sight but we can imagine just how gut-wrenching it must be for someone to watch his beloved sports car burn before his very eyes.

So to the man who owns this Ferrari 360 Modena that inexplicably caught fire at the 101 over the weekend, we feel for you buddy.

No details have been released regarding the cause of the fire so it’s hard to speculate as to how it ended up burning itself to a heap. Whatever the case may be, it’s still a little hard for us to stomach a car as beautiful as a 360 suffer such a stomach-churning fate.

Source: Flickr


Now that absolutely brings a very awkward crappy feeling for the owner to watch it catch fire and get toast. Anyhow, if he was able to afford such hot car I’m pretty sure that he got some insurance for it. I hope he did cause I don’t know if that kind of damage to a car is repairable (well they did to the Supra in Fast and Furious I).

@ Ping_Guererro - El niño in california? are you OK Ping? maybe in your country has an El Nino because your in mexico..

I think this is all about El Niño... LMAO, i’m wondering if it’s still can be repaired.

I really have to wonder on why a lot of hot cars like this actually turns into flames. I mean I don’t see that much regular cars catching fire. Were there technical problems or is it just in the maintenance issue from the owner?

Dang.. your ferrari is toast man... I really felt bad about what happened to your modena i hope your car is insured.

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