Ferrari 360 Modena limousine - the perfect ride for Santa

By now all of the kiddos have ripped through all of the Christmas wrapping to unveil the toys that Saint Nick was kind enough to swing by in the middle of the night to all of the good boys and girls. And now we can see what may have been the vehicle used to lug around all of those presents in a speedy fashions.

This Ferrari 360 Modena limousine is just about the craziest and best limo we’ve ever seen. It was spotted a few days before Christmas by shoppers in upmarket Knightsbridge, London where it took up two parking spaces. It was created by cutting a regular 360 Modena in half and adding seats in the middle to provide interior room for eight people, or a bunch of presents.

Estimated at £250,000 ($390,000 at the current exchange rates), this is the fastest limousine in the world - it can hit a top speed of 166 mph. Of course, there’s only one in existence and we’re guessing the big jolly guy has dibs.

"’Every boy wants to get into a Ferrari, this was a way for people to be able to do that with seven mates. It’s the biggest and craziest vehicle you can get. We made it because we wanted to create the ultimate Ferrari experience," said Dan Cawley - the designer of the limo.

Hit the jump for a short video of the limousine.

Source: Daily Mail


It just looks like an elongated sports car, and to me, it isn’t impressive. For a limousine, this one doesn’t seem to exude glamour at all.

The Ferrari car 360 doesn’t compliment on the luxurious personality of a limousine. In my own opinion, they should add more elegance of the exterior design because it just looks like a long sports car.

It’s absolutely a ride for Santa. I’m sure many gift will be in this kind of vehicle. This has a wide range of looks.

Nice to have it here in the Philippines, but sadly the Filipinos is not that interested in luxurious limousines. Whoever riding in that limo is sure rich and famous. smiley it’s not that bad in running a maximum speed of hundred and sixty-six miles an hour.

Who ever is the owner of this limousine, they are very lucky to have this. Creating this limousine is the craziest thing, but it’s the best limousine I’ve ever seen. It looks amazing.

can we have this although we are not Santa Claus? Haha. I envy those people who have this limousine. This is rare and truly remarkable.

this is one of the vehicles that is really so irresistible on their looks, and I’m truly impressed with it. i dream to have a limousine of my own.

A Limo with the speed of a Ferrari? Fantastic! I cant imagine Santa riding this Limo instead of his sleigh.Santa’s red shade Ferrari Limo! The reindeers will surely be envious about this car.

Wooh! Feels like Santa will be able to deliver more gift with this nice Ferrari. A perfect vehicle for him because they have the same color. An adventurous car ever.

Santa is now on a vacation, wait till anaother Christmas. smiley So, this is the fastest limousine in our generation - I have to agree on that. I want to have this car paintedin metallic pink with black lining. Haha.

Fastest limousine in town! Nice one! I would love to try having an adventure with this car. I guess that would be a new memorable experience to me.

HA HA HA! Stupid Ferrari that’s about the best car they made yet Ha!

A modern Santa was really perfect for this Modena limousine and admittedly; I’m so amazed with this. I can’t already wait to see Santa driving this one. smiley Moreover, I have to agree that it’s the fastest limousine today!

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