Ferrari 599 GTO - first "official" image

Earlier today, we brought you a spy video of the future Ferrari 599 GTO. Now, we’re doing you one better: the first official shot of the new Ferrari supercar. Nevertheless, ’official’ isn’t official until Ferrari pulls the covers off but with the car scheduled to be unveiled later this year, we’ll take anything we can get.

Just to be clear: the 599 GTO will be a road going version of the Ferrari Corse Clienti special, the Ferrari 599XX . Through the extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber, Ferrari was able to drop about 300 pounds from the GT car, bringing the curb weight down to 1450 kilograms, meaning that with less weight, the car should be able to ride faster than its GT counterpart. The high revving 6.0- liter V12 will be tuned to deliver somewhere between 680 hp and 700 hp making the future 599 GTO a real beast that will be able to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.2 seconds and gallop all the way to a 217 mph top speed.

Source: Autoblog


The profile of both the Chevrolet brand, and the style and dynamic appeal of the Cruze – a car that has already proven to be a success both on and off the track.

I am going to say, it’s fake! I can not see Ferrari painting the GTO in white of all colours and then addi9ng a blue racing strip down the center. It’s just not Ferrari’s style.

I just want to see it in action before I judge it.

700 horsepower is more than enough to race with some Ferrari on the circuit and perhaps in drag, although I don’t think that the GTO will win. Anyhow, they still have a great chance on the track and the circuit.

Cool! Another super car from ferrari. I think Italia is more aggressive.

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