Ferrari 599 HGTE laps the Fiorano test track in 1:26, 1.5 seconds behind the F-430 Scuderia

Revealed back in March at Geneva, the Ferrari 599 HGTE appeared to be much more than just a Fiorano with a set of new 5 spoke rims. Well after some recent testing, the HGTE equipped Ferrari was able to lap the Italian automaker’s Fiorano test track in just 1 minute and 26.5 seconds, only 1.5 seconds slower than the factory tuned F-430 Scuderia . Not bad considering the laws of physics govern the lightweight, mid engine V8 much differently compared to a front engine V12 powered GT car.

The Ferrari 599 HGTE features a modified suspension setup with stiffer springs and a larger rear anti-roll bar as well as new calibration settings to the magnetically controlled dampeners. The ride height has come down, lowering the car’s center of gravity; combined with the revised stiff stuff drastically improves body control. Like any athlete needs good rubber under their feet, so does the HGTE, offering specifically optimized tires made from a much softer compound that offers even better grip.

Are you ready to go Lamborghini hunting in your next 599 GTB Fiorano from Ferrari , well at least with the HGTE you’ll be able to embarrass them when the road turns twisty.

Source: 4wheelsnews


Something about this new Handling Gran Turismo Evoluzione (GHTE) still hits me as disconcerting. I still think the design is a little too busy, with so many scoops and vents, and the three-point front-end. It also seems to have a very thin, very forward-shifted waist with a large backside

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