Ferrari 599 Spider to arrive in 2009

It is a fact that the Roadsters are cooler than the Coupe models. Seeing the success of the SR Roadster, Ferrari decided that is time to work on a Spider version of its 599 GTB. It will arrive in 2009.

Source: AutoGespot

Ferrari will also unveil a successor for the F430 at the Paris Motor Show next year. It will be called F149. Also, Enzo will see a successor, the F70 that will arrive at the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.

Ferrari 599 Spider to arrive in 2009


You got that right!!


That is one sexy car.

Man can Ferrari get any better? Not one, not two, but three highly anticipated models.

We probably already knew a 599 Barchetta was due out though.

finaly a body style that really deserve to be called america smiley

nice 2k9 will be one hell of a year

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