Ferrari California by Savini

With summer teasing us from just around the corner, we thought this photo shoot of a Ferrari California with a smoking hot model was the perfect way to start our week. Peeling our eyes away from model, Laura Elisa, for just one moment finds us with a matte white California decked out in a new set of Savini wheels (21x9 front and 22x11.5 rear) with a carbon fiber outer rim. This outer rim is color matched with the wheels’ gloss black face. Add Ms. Elisa back in to the picture and you get a deadly combination perfect for the long summer beach rides.

As for the engine, no modifications were needed to make this Ferrari beach ready. The California already comes with a 460 HP V8 engine launches the sports car up to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds.

We’ll stop wasting time now and let everyone soak in as much of the girl - ahem - car as possible.


This light car having a V8 engine and can generate 460 horsepower is truly awesome. You just have to look at the girl beside the car and you can tell how speed this vehicle is.

Savani is one great tuning company. They made a huge impact in the production of Ferrari that is why Ferrari trusted them a lot but with this one, I doubt. I definitely agree that they can still boost the speed of the car. Aside from the engine, they could use lighter materials or even a dual transmission.

Well, I don’t think that the v8 technology here deliver an impressive speed performance. Savini could actually boost the performance of the car into more powerful output.

I have to admit that I was amazed with the Ferrari California. The styling and speed performance of the car is impressive! Well, I don’t think that an aftermarket version is necessary.

haha. I hope that hot babe will make me hotter this cold during rainy season. Well, I guess its not available anymore for it will spoil the convertible.

Well, that car has a huge thing. I mean the cars bumper. This is a nice photo shoot for promoting the car at summertime. Anyway, that lovely Laura Elisa is truly hot.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Ferrari California is one of the best car in the production of Ferrari recently! The performance is great as well as its exterior and the convertible makes it perfect for summer!

Well, I guess you been needing a cold drinks for your hot summer brandon!lol BTW, this car is quite has an impressive performance and I think convertible is the best option during this summer!

The summer heat is already here, and if im on the beach then saw this nice car with this hot babe, what more can I ask this summer.

Well, I really don’t like this idea of putting a sexy girl beside an already good car. It’s so distracting and it takes away the attention from the car itself.

I was expecting that the Playboy Magazine next issue that features vintage car would be similar on that picture above. However, I think the Ferrari California would be in limited edition since its the tribute for summer.

I thin I would prefer the regular California over this one. Don’t get me wrong, this one is really very good, but I am not that much onto roadsters and would prefer the coupe version more.

I wish they could have ramped up the California’s engine even a bit. But since the car is more of a luxury vehicle, I might as well let that one pass.

I think I would provably stick with the regular California, the one with the top. That one is certainly as sexy looking as this one, besides’ you get a rid of the folding tops.

My eyes are definitely set on the California, that car is certainly a great one with all those curvy lines and flowing shapes. Oh yeah, the model is good looking too.

Yup, this one is definitely as sexy as the model that accompanies it. The sight of a sexy woman and a flashy car like the California certainly makes my day complete.

The obvious eye catcher is the very cute and super model Ferrari California. Its beautiful design, the color and the breathtaking view gives us the ultimate choice for those mind blowing wallpapers.

Oh no! I don’t know where to focus more on the car or on the car babe! Well,Ferrari California looks hot on Cabrio! And I’m quite impressed with design for front and on the luxurious rims and carbon fiber material used for the interior! 

They certainly picked a good color for this one. White is probably one of the few colors (aside from red) that would look good on a Ferrari, and this California is a good example.

Well, that one is definitely a nice take on the California. This car certainly looks well as it is, but I now looks even more stunning as a roadster.

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