Ferrari California - Crash test photos!

Even a sports car like Ferrari California needs to pass a crash test. But when you see a ca like it in such a condition, you just feel bad!

Crash test includes front, rear and side impact. California passed them all without hesitation.

A very interesting thing is that on the Chinese market, California will be equipped with start-stop system, which helps toreduce consumption and emissions.

Stay tuned for more informations.

Source: CzechFerrari


one of those wreck Ferrari after a little work can turn on to be a nice looking car smiley

Even wrecked like this it will still look good in my backyard smiley are they selling those wreck ?

I don’t mind this picture so much... crash tests are a necessary evil. On the other hand, when the movie star who has too much money and booze plows one of these into a wall (and then immediately goes and buys another just to wreck it again,) then I’m MAD.

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