Ferrari Collects $1.125 Million From First US-Spec F12berlinetta for Hurricane Relief

For all of the esteem Ferrari receives as one of the most famous automakers in the world, you can’t deny the fact that it also has a soft spot for aiding those in need. We remember Ferrari auctioning off a 599XX Evo some months ago to raise money to help those affected by earthquakes in Italy.

Recently, the Italian supercar manufacturer put on their generosity hat once more by auctioning off the first U.S.-Spec Ferrari F12berlinetta to aid those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

With great interest in the car, seeing as it’s the first U.S.-spec F12 to be released, the auction ended up being a tremendous success with a winning bid of $1.125 million, a sum paid for by Long Island resident, Larry Roth. The amount, together with donations made by Ferrari dealers, clients and friends amounting to $345,000, will all be donated to the Red Cross.

It’s a testament to Ferrari’s social and civic awareness that it can have an auction like this to help out people in need. Credit is due to Mr. Roth, too. He dug deep into his pockets to scoop up the F12. He might have to wait for the supercar, though, as delivery of the model isn’t expected until the middle of next year.


yes, because they go well together, right? so why not?

big companies care to solve several issues simultaneously: charity and advertising

I’m not criticizing, just consisting. if someone wants to do something for others should not be public

indeed, help is welcome from anywhere. it is easy to criticize

people who have experienced misfortunes like this really need help

Glad to hear or read that there are big companies that make charitable acts

again based on advertising benefits. I find it deplorable

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