Ferrari drivers behaving badly: Driving too slowly?

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Ferrari drivers behaving badly: Driving too slowly?

Last week we showed you a Ferrari driver who had a hard time getting his car going. This week we have news of a driver who was pulled over for driving too slowly! The Ferrari was clocked doing 25MPH in a 40MPH zone in the Welsh village of Ogmore-by-Sea . In his defense the driver, Denis Evans, said that the road road was poorly lit, had a nasty bend and was frequented by sheep. Why is it that sheep are so often used as an excuse? The local Assistant Chief Constable reportedly pulled over the pokey Ferrari due to fears it might be stolen.

Source: The Sun


Slow or fast there is a violation?

haha. what is good slow or fast?

What’s the use of buy a ferrari when your going to drive it slow? ferrari’s are meant to race on track and not on the streets. yes it’s cool to have a ferrari on street but remember great powers comes with a great responsibilities.

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