Ferrari F1 360 Limousine- Video

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Yup , you read the headline correctly- this is a video of a Ferrari F360 Limousine that has yet to be finished by its owner. Now a Ferari limousine is the last thing I would suspect to put into stretch form but Im sure this vehicle would be quite the joy to ride in. I guess you could say it is the only limo that I actually wouldn’t mind piloting myself. Is this limousine destined for the F1 World in Dubai? I could definitely picture some of these around the F1 theme park.


A 599 GTO can be ordered with a color matching roof...

Go on file a lawsuit, someone ruining the good image of ferrari. smiley

Yes I agree, they should file a lawsuit. That’s total lame move.

The moment he decided to chop the car up and added some modifications in the design and not just a tune up, it is no longer a Ferrari. I do hope that Ferrari actually finds out about this and files a lawsuit or something. Its a disgrace to Ferrari enthusiasts. I hope that they make him get it back to normal or take all emblems or signs that it is a Ferrari car that he chopped away so that people will see that it ain’t no Ferrari cause if they actually did, they might think that Ferrari has gone loco and made such a useless wreck.

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