Ferrari F430 Premier4509 Veilside looks great in red

Back in March, Premier4509 unveiled the first details on their new tuning package for the Ferrari F430 with the promise that the package would be available starting in June. Thankfully, it seems the tuner has kept their promise as a gorgeous red Ferrari F430 Premier4509 has been spotted in Germany.

There will only be 300 units of this beautiful car out there, each coming with new bumpers front and rear, new side skirts, a new diffuser, and a big spoiler. The car also comes with 19-inch and 20-inch wheels on the front and rear, respectively. Customers can also opt to receive a rear wing and exhaust tip for their beautiful vehicle.

We just hope that as many customers as possible will choose this incredible red instead of that fade white firstly unveiled by Premier4509. The red follows suit with the Ferrari spirit much better!

Source: Autogespot


Ferrari has been so successful when it comes to production vehicle! I like the style and design of the car.

Well, I’m really captivated with the speed performance of the vehicle. And the aggressiveness of the car never fades!

I like on how the luxurious and sportiness was combined in this car! The body package seems awesome once drawn in this car.

Is there any reason to be shocked? Red has been the trademark of Ferrari for almost
a decade! However, I think this car need a serious facelift.

not only red, yellow black is also the official color of Ferrari.

the rear end is my favorite part here.. for sure this will add a lot of cash for a sound system upgrade.

not only red alex.. yellow is also a signature color for the ferrari.

Fortunately, all the models of Ferrari looks great in red because red color of the Ferrari cars is been their tradition.

well red color is the signature color of the ferrari.. plus the twin racing stripes gives more aggressiveness...

Lovely looking car specially, but IMO, it’s diffuser will looks better if they used a carbon fiber materials on it.

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