Ferrari F430 Spider in the snow

Usually a Ferrari F430 Spider is used in the sunny days, for drivers along the beach to impress the girls. So we guess this guy haven’t learned that rule yet!

What you see in this pictures happened in Netherlands. Lets hope those guys managed to take the car out of the snow. Wonder who’s Rudolph?

Source: Autojunk


Ouch! It may be a great car, but on snow and without snow tires, it’s just an ordinary one.

That’s weird! super car and a so expensive ferarri can’t managed the snow, now how can they impress if they are almost looks like a goat of santa claus.

good thing that it didn’t crash, lucky for him that he only got stocked with the snow i like to see his face dropped because of shame.

Well, I had the same car and I was stuck in a snow storm where it could be slippery or something, I’d probably pull/push my car as well to avoid sliding to other cars and get it scratched.

Never force your Spider onto the snowy land especially when you know that it doesn’t have a climate control system but I guess they’re stuck there and no choice for them but to drive yet the cold kills the car so that’s what happened if I’m right.

Now he received a karma for being so ostentatious. He’s not just a dumb ass, he is ignorant.

that’s what happens with too much arrogance, it will turn into disaster like this one, ferraris are not meant to run through snows because of it’s power, it will just slide and skid through snow road.

Definitely stupid! Let’s see how many girls they will be able to impress... with their stupidity.

Poor thing! I wonder what they are thinking at this time? Perhaps trying to defy the rule of nature? No car would be able to survive a drive in a snow like that, sad to say that even a supercar can’t do that!

It is both unfortunate and humiliating to see a wonderful car like a Ferrari F430 Spider to be in the snow this way. Whoever owns this car doesn’t deserve it.

A 4308 cc engine and a V8 with 490 hp is a no match too the snow. It’s sad that these guys would have to learn the lesson in a hard way. Did I ever got to reach their destination? I wonder. LOL.

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