Ferrari FF Debuts a Glass-Roof in Paris

One of the most important Ferrari debuts at the 2012 Paris Auto Show was the chassis for the upcoming F70 supercar , but while it undoubtedly caught all of the attention in Paris, Ferrari ’s stand included a few other very cool vehicles. Visitors have seen cars ranging from the new F12berlinetta to a very special FF that certainly has a feature worth mentioning.

This particular FF was equipped with a new full-length panoramic roof that allows for more light to enter the car. According to Ferrari, this new roof features "a special reflective glass (LowE) that gives occupants a genuine open-air driving feeling, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation."

No other details on this new glass roof were provided, leaving us to wonder if this will be a new feature for the sports car or just an attention grabber in Paris. Production for this feature would be a little controversial considering the added weight a panoramic glass roof would add to the FF, and the effect that weight would have on the performance numbers of the vehicle. The design for the FF is already questionable in many people’s minds; why add another negative by messing with the performance the customer can get from the 660 HP V12 engine?


i think it would make nice for an extra feature for the car. but i emphasize on EXTRA. at least give people a choice! besides the one of buying or not buying the car, ha ha!

yeah, i guess you are right on that. plus, imagine how amazed and pleased sport car lovers will be when they hear that ferrari won’t take that into mass production. or at least not as standard.

@Midocar: did you ever heard of the saying: there’s no such thing as bad publicity? even if you say that something because of X, people will still look into it and make their own mind.

@snow: you think it’s good to make such a move, even if most people will disagree?

i do not think they will take that into mass production. but it’s worth the publicity!

if you buy a ferrari i think you want to be as much in the car as possible, not to have an "open-drive feeling". at least i would prefer to be in the car and enjoy driving it, not watching the treas go over me at 100+ mph.

and what about the weight of the glass roof?
and i, for one, am afraid of what happens if someone drops something from above the car on the wonderful glass roof. won’t it shatter?
but then again, if you have the money for that car, you can afford a garage.

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