Ferrari introduces limited edition bicycle

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Ferrari not only makes beautifully sculpted automobiles like the 599 GTO and the F450 , but they also make beautifully sculpted racing bikes. Now, you’ve got to seriously love either the Ferrari name or bicycle racing in general to put down this much dough on a racing bike. Colnago and Ferrari have joined forces to create a limited edition Ferrari Di2 racing cycle. We are going to set the stage here a little before letting you know just how much this elegant machine costs.

The Di2 racing bike has a carbon fiber frame with Racing Speed XLR wheels and carbon fiber hubs. The frame is strengthened internally by the use of 3PRS technology and gear optimization is achieved by the Dura Ace Di2 electronic group. This group also keeps the chain tight and straightened eliminating possible mistakes. The limited edition Di2 also has high resistance ball bearings provided by Inox Cult technology. Ferrari will have your customized Di2 delivered to your home up to 60 days after the order has been placed.

Entry level racing bikes cost between $500-$800 with top of the line models running between $800 and $2000. If you enter the high end model line, that’ll cost you $2000-$6000. The limited edition (only 50 units will be produced) Ferrari Di2 is yours for the not-so-bargain price of $16,750. All we can say is we better win that race!


Has anyone ever actually seen a Colnago/Ferrari bicycle ridden?

i have a friend who is still riding on his CF1 which bought circa 2003. And still enjoying the bike until today.

Yes, it’s definitely you’re paying for the Ferrari’s emblem and not the bike.

Looking for a new bike this summer? Well, if you want to go uber-exclusive, you could nip down to Harrods to pick up the Colnago Ferrari 60th anniversary bicycle

I believe that making it red will add another reputation to it’s badge and im sure you are paying for the emblem and not on the bike.

It should be colored in red plus the ferrari emblem is well detailed just like a real ferrari.

I wonder whose idea is this but IMO it’s price is over kill. Well, I guess you’re paying the badge and not the bike.

Well, this is a must have toy! But isn’t that too expensive for a bike?

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