Ferrari Limousine

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Source: Top Gear

It’s a stretch literally and figuratively – an F360 Modena turned into a 23 foot long limousine with gullwing doors. 
Built for limousine company Style Limousine in England at a cost of about $400,000 plus the price of the car, it seats eight people in carbon fiber seats, each with a racing belt harness. Style claims that the standard 395 hp engine will yield a zero to sixty time of less than six seconds. 
The limousine uses advanced construction techniques for both the body and the gullwing doors. Much of the bodywork is carbon fiber, as are the doors. 
The F360 stretch isn’t the only unique limousine in the Style fleet. It also includes a stretch Hummer Hummer painted bright pink, as well as other stretch Hummers, Range Rovers and Chrysler 300s. Then there’s the “LimoJet” – the fuselage and tail of a Lear Jet converted into a limousine.
Available for parties, proms, and weddings in the U.K.


I love the gull-wing door of the Ferrari as well as the famous trademark of their glossy black paint in exterior. I was expecting a Ferrari limo which has a spacious interior and contains a bar inside.

It is really cool, and I must say that I love the sporty interior of it the fact that it is a limousine vehicle! smiley Well, it could also be suited as a presidential vehicle because on its long base exterior.

I simply love this Ferrari Limousine! So ideal in a wedding occasion! smiley And I’m impressed with its door! I want it! smiley

I actually thought long and hard about it but being a 400i I passed.

It’s a great choice for weddings.

Please don’t tell me that Ferrari manufactured this as I wouldn’t believe it. I think this was just chopped in some garage or something. I don’t think that Ferrari will be making such a car.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw god dame

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