Ferrari Mania to Hit "Need For Speed: Rivals" on November 15th

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If you love racing games, then you are likely familiar with Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed series. Young folks among us would’ve probably missed the days when the world of virtual racing was dominated by three words; N-F-S and everyone of us had t8he game on our PCs. I still remember the time spent speeding along canyon roads, and sunny beaches in a machine called FZR2000 — an add-on for the NFS-II SE. This car could do 248 mph if you managed to stay on the road and not crash into traffic.

Those were the days...

Later versions of the game featured numerous real-world cars, much to our liking. They even made a brand-specific game, which narrated the evolution of Porsche . One sports car brand that we, as enthusiasts of the game, missed was Ferrari . If I am not wrong, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit was the first NFS title to feature the prancing horse.

Sadly, in later iterations of the game except for a few, Ferrari was kept out, although the quality of racing simulation kept on getting better and better.

Now, what seems like ages since the first Need For Speed title was launched, we finally have a proper lineup of Ferraris to enjoy. Need For Speed: Rivals will be in stores on November 15, 2013 for PS4, on Nov 19, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and on Nov 22 for Xbox One with some proper Ferrari content. Electronic Arts has released a set of images of the upcoming title and we have compiled them here for your viewing pleasure.

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2013 Need For Speed: Rivals

Ferrari Mania to Hit "Need For Speed: Rivals" on November 15th
Ferrari Mania to Hit "Need For Speed: Rivals" on November 15th
Ferrari Mania to Hit "Need For Speed: Rivals" on November 15th

Folks at Electronic Arts are gearing up for the launch of their latest Need For Speed title. The virtual racing game will be released for PS4 on November 15, 2013 and then onto other platforms. Ferrari marks a return to the NFS franchise with Need For Speed: Rivals. Starting from the most affordable Ferraris, to the top of the line, high performance gran tourers, you name it.

Players will be treated to an impressive collection of Ferraris including the highly precise 458 Spider , the track-ready 599 GTO , the uber-cool F60 Enzo and the menacing 700-horsepower F12berlinetta . Expect lots of sideways action in Scuderia Rosso hue.

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