Ferrari Novitec 16 Scuderia Spider crashes in the Autobahn

Another day, another supercar crash.

An accident involving a Ferrari Novitec Rosso 16M Scuderia Spider happened a few days ago on the Autobahn from Mindelheim to Stetten, Bavaria, Southern Germany. The Serbian owner of the special edition Scuderia Spider was testing his brand-new purchase when he inexplicably lost control of his new ride, causing it to come off the road where if rolled over a couple of times before settling in its upright position.

Needless to say, the Novitec 16M Scuderia Spider was thoroughly trashed with damages expected to reach up to $440,000.

As far as the Serb driver and his friend that came along, they were seriously injured as a result of the accident an no developments regarding their status have been released.

Source: Autogespot


Well what else will you expect from the autobahn. I think that this highway is the one with the most car crashes. Too bad its a brand new ride. The driver and passenger is still lucky they still get to live. The looks of the car seems like its a really big crash.

ajme majko....jadan covjek,jel ima boga ljudi da neko nas kupi ovakvo zlato i odma da ga slupa?? nadam se da ce se oporaviti i kupiti jos jedan i provozati ga malo po Banja Luci smiley))

F..k man,this is tragedy,for the man that drove,and for this beautiful car...

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